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Berrak Özoltu


More Than 10 years of Expertise in the Luxury Real Estate Industry

At Dose we understand the importance of finding the right place that represents you, your lifestyle and your values the most. That’s why, we put a big emphasis on understanding your needs, motivations and priorities first, to then be able to provide you with the best options that will meet your highest expectations while guiding you to make more informed decisions.

With more than 10 years of expertise in the luxury real estate industry,

our team of experts has a deep understanding of the real estate landscape in the Turkish market, and is ready to accompany you closely in every step of the buying process, starting from searching the right space, to the house handover and reception of Turkish Citizenship. Guiding you throughout the whole process one step at a time and providing you with a seamless experience, during which they will take care of all the heavy-lifting and oversee everything in the most genuine way.

Our aim

is to provide you with the DOSE of happiness and fulfillment you are seeking for in the house of your dreams, through our bespoke services and innovative business model, built around trust, expertise and quality.
Our commitment is not only to deliver to you the best deal but also the best fit!


Why Dose Consulting?

Our commitment is not only to deliver to you the best deal but also the best fit!

Common values

We aim to be one of the cornerstones of the country's development with the projects we carry out.

Contemporary Approach

In every investment we make, we aim to grow by contributing to the understanding of modern urbanism.

Responsibility Awareness

We always aim to do the best without sacrificing quality of life and trust.

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